About Dez's Skyline

Desiree James

It’s not an online destination to reach, it’s a journey of discovery that nourishes and supports the souls of peace-lovers, peacemakers, and those whom have chosen to be the catalyst of change.  Here you will find the landscape of a vision that was created from the past, centered in the present moments now, with a foresight and the clear vision of the future.


Desiree James’ creativity is a calling. She’s a storyteller, and a Renaissance woman. Her roots originate from the oxbow bend along the Bayou Teche, New Iberia, Louisiana. Her gift of artistry is vast, and it spans many decades. From her velvety voice, her creative gifts have flourished as a skilled and highly sought-after voice artist, acclaimed radio show host, musicologist, and photographer.  


Dez is a promoter of unconditional love, empowerment of others, and sisterhood. Wherever she lands you’ll discover a peaceful, loving, and supportive community. Dez loves laughter and lattes, and all things beautiful.  Since 1987, Desiree James has resided in Atlanta.

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